Changing the life of patients globally

Helping patients heal themselves

Reapplix developed the easy to use LeucoPatch® Device and process so that clinicians can offer autologous active cell therapy to patients so that they can help to heal themselves.

LeucoPatch® is produced from the patient’s own blood without using any reagents or additives. The innovative LeucoPatch® System harnesses the healing potential within the patient by generating a concentrate of cells and response substances (including growth factors) from the patient’s own blood, which is then reapplied to the patient at the site of the wound. This novel approach means that a medical device is able to deliver autologous active cell therapy to re-establish the wound healing process, helping the patient to heal them self.

Reapplix is committed to quality and to continual improvement. An important aspect of this is our ongoing investment into clinical proof and evidence gathering so that the application of our technology can be studied, understood and continually refined.

Most of all, we care about helping patients achieve better outcomes.