How 3CP™ Technology Produces a LeucoPatch

A simple three step process with minimal hands-on time

3CP™ Technology (Centrifugation, Coagulation, Compaction) is used to produce each LeucoPatch® by the LeucoPatch System, which consists of a single use LeucoPatch® Device and the LeucoPatch 3CP™ Centrifuge. Blood is drawn from the patient into the LeucoPatch® Device, a precision engineered mini cell processor, which works in combination with a short automated centrifuge process to generate the LeucoPatch®.

3CP® = Centrifugation Coagulation Compaction Process


To separate cells


Complete fibrin polymerisation


Of fibrin to form the patch


Innovative composition and ease of use


LeucoPatch® is a triple layer patch produced from the patient’s own blood without the addition of reagents or additives.


The 3 layered LeucoPatch® consists of fibrin for moisture retention, platelets for growth factor release and leucocytes to orchestrate wound healing and to fight infection.


LeucoPatch® is produced on demand in a disposable LeucoPatch® Device using the 3CP™ three step process, with minimal hands on time.


LeucoPatch® therapy requires weekly application and each week the previous patch is normally removed if it is visible. The number of applications required will vary between patients and wound types.


Each LeucoPatch® can cover an area up to 5cm². For larger wounds multiple patches can be used.


LeucoPatch® has high structural integrity and can be trimmed to size as required.

The design

“The LeucoPatch device is based on a simple process, therefore the design of the product needed to be simple and straightforward as well. Small design details helped to improve the overall user experience of the device and at the same time give the product its identity.”

Steve McGugan, Industrial Designer