Executive Management

Graeme Brookes
+45 53 77 74 47

Graeme has over 25 years of experience in medical devices including nuclear medicine, orthopaedics, neurosurgical, wound care, electrotherapy, surgical navigation and robotics. He has held executive positions at multiple companies including Johnson & Johnson and Advanced Medical Solutions. In recent years he was CEO at Acrobot (a spin out from Imperial College London) where he raised investment and led product developments and commercialisation through to a trade sale exit. He then led the robotic surgery division at Stanmore Implants prior to being appointed Global Vice President (Product Development and Product Marketing). He joined Reapplix as CEO in September 2014.

Niels Erik Holm
+45 26 22 19 62

Niels Erik is a highly successful serial entrepreneur and has invented several successful medical devices (Insulin Infusion Set, Feeding tubes, NovoLet pen, Vivostat System, Seroma Set) and generated over 60 patents. During his 25 years of experience with the invention, production, clinical testing and marketing of medical products he has demonstrated a track record of outstanding and repeated success. He has been working with blood processing for the last 22 years, 8 within wound care and is a recognised expert in the field. He was a founder of Reapplix.

Rasmus Lundquist
+45 26 71 74 47

Rasmus has a MSc. in biology and immunology from Copenhagen University and a graduate certificate in Biodesign from Stanford University. He is highly experienced in working with the development of in-vitro assays for the characterization of growth factor containing products. He analyzed chronic wound fluid by microarray technology at Copenhagen Wound Healing Center, Novozymes and Van Andel Research Institute, MI, USA. He is an experienced entrepreneur and co-founded RAM Biotech Aps in 2001 prior to his involvement with Reapplix. His exceptional skills have been a key factor in characterizing LeucoPatch® and guiding the product development, clinical and product positioning activities. He was a founder of Reapplix.